Quest’s Supported Employment program helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities access employment within the community that compliments their unique skill set and interests.

The individual seeking Supported Employment services is paired up with an Employment Specialist who assists in creating an individualized plan for employment that incorporates the individual’s own interests and skills and matches them with possible employment positions within the community.

The Employment Specialist will then approach community employers and market the individual’s unique skills in hopes of solidifying a placement within a workplace. Once an individual is hired, the Employment Specialist assists in establishing a positive working environment – one in which the employee can thrive and the employer is benefited by his/her contributions.

The below video was put together by the Human Development Institute at UK to showcase individuals in the Supported Employment Program being successful. This video features one of our very own individuals, Gail, at her job at Upbeat Cafe.

The Employment Specialist is continually available to assist in incorporating new tasks and job responsibilities as well as in finding new placements if desired at any time.

If you or your loved one are interested in Supported Employment services, please contact Terrell Wilson at