At Quest Farm, we believe that all individuals have a right to their own identity, experience a sense of self-worth,and become productive members of a community. The men and women of Quest Farm range in age from 18- 80 years old. Each individual lives in one of the three houses with support staff. We believe this loving atmosphere is one option to encourage individuals to strive to reach their full potential.

We raise several thousand bedding plants every year in four large greenhouses. We also raise asparagus in the spring along with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. A wide variety of flowers are grown from begonias to ziennas. In the fall about 1,500 mums are raised. Quest Farm is a busy and productive place.

Along with the many agricultural work activities, the individuals participate in bowling, swimming, track and field, trips to the library, fishing, vacations, church attendance, eating out, birthday parties, Special Olympics, and other social events. We believe it is important for each individual to be a part of their community.

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