Q: I thought Quest Farms was just a farm?

A: Outside of our 26-acre farm, we also provide various programs to help our clients lead fulfilling lives. While the farm is our foundation, we have multiple programs that take place in the community and benefit more individuals who need assistance with daily living, employment support, and community involvement.

Q: How do I qualify and or apply for services provided by Quest?

A: Clients utilize the Michelle P. and Supports for Community Living Medicaid waivers that are available to qualifying individuals throughout Kentucky. These waiver programs provide for a number of services to individuals, at no cost to them or their loved ones.

For more information on qualifications for these waivers and applications, please visit:

SCL Waiver:


Michelle P. Waiver:


Kentucky Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities:


Waiver Applications:

Individuals who are residents of Kentucky, and have a diagnosed intellectual disability are eligible to apply for the Michelle P. and Supports for Community Living Medicaid Waivers. These waivers are administered through the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. While there are currently waiting lists for each waiver, individuals are encouraged to begin the application process as some emergency allocation is available.

Q: Where is the new facility?

A: Quest Connect at The Buddy Williams Center is located at 100 Buddy Williams Place, in Georgetown. This location gives us additional space to better meet the needs of our individuals, but also allows us to remain an important part of the thriving downtown community.


Q: Why is it called Quest Connect at The Buddy Williams Center?

A: Thanks to a generous donation by the family of Buddy Williams, one of our previous residents, we were able take this step out on faith and move forward with the purchase and renovation of this property. Naming the facility after Buddy Williams is a way to honor his memory as well as recognize the generosity of his family.