Adult Day Training


The Adult Day Training (ADT) program associated with Quest Farm is very unique. Essentially, the objective of our ADT program is for each participant to set goals for him or herself and for staff to help them achieve these goals. A day in ADT is comprised of a combination of activities that are designed to promote independence and community involvement for the participants.  Our participants enjoy a variety of classes and outings, which help them reach their goals.

Residential Program

Quest Farm currently offers three group homes. The homes are very personal and well maintained.  Each home has the capacity to be a home for 7 adult residents.  In each home, one or two residents have a spacious bedroom, bathrooms, and living areas. The residents enjoy healthy home cooked meals three times a day. Sometimes the residents do enjoy going out for dinner or lunch, which is provided as a part of room and board.

Quest Farm has 7 spots for women and 14 spots for men to live and receive services. Currently, Quest Farm has an opening in the women’s house for an adult woman with SCL funding. If you are interested in learning more about this service for your loved one, please contact Spencer Wahl at



Currently, Quest Farm can offer overnight respite services for men women age 18 and older.  We can also offer in home respite for all adults and children with SCL or Michelle P. funding.  If you are interested in utilizing respite services for your loved one for a few hours or a few weeks, please contact Spencer Wahl,

Supported Employment

Quest Farm’s Supported Employment program helps individuals with intellectual and developmental
disabilities access employment within the community that compliments the individual’s unique skill set
and interests.

The individual seeking Supported Employment services is paired up with an Employment Specialist who
assists in creating an individualized plan for employment that incorporates the individual’s own interests
and skills and matches them with possible employment positions within the community.

The Employment Specialist will then approach community employers and market the individual’s unique skills in hopes of solidifying a placement within a workplace. Once an individual is hired, the Employment Specialist assists in establishing a positive working environment – one in which the employee can thrive and the employer is benefited by his/her contributions.

The Employment Specialist is continually available to assist in incorporating new tasks and job responsibilities as well as in finding new placements if desired at any time.

If you or your loved one are interested in Supported Employment services, please contact Terrell Wilson at or download and submit a Referral Form.

Community Living Supports

Quest Farm’s Community Living Supports (CLS) program helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop independence and actively participate in their community.
An individual seeking CLS services is paired with a support partner who provides one-on-one assistance in helping the individual achieve his or her unique goals related to community involvement. The individual seeking services is empowered to make his or her own decisions and select goals that compliment his or her own unique interests and desires.
Some examples of possible CLS goals:

  • Relationship building
  • Participation in community events, clubs, or teams
  • Therapeutic goals
  • Leisure activities
  • Activities of Daily Life: shopping, banking, exercising
  • Socialization

If you or your loved one are interested in the Community Living Supports program, please contact Spencer Wahl

Community Access

Community Access is a new service available through the Supports for Community Living Waiver. This individualized one-on-one service will focus on helping individuals develop strong natural supports within their community, allowing them to become integral members, as well as potentially decreasing the dependence on paid services. Available beginning in the 2014 birth month of the individual, Quest is very excited by the possibilities this opens for our participants and the community. Community Access adds an important program element to Quest Farm. Allowing participants to receive one-on-one services tailored to their specific interests. This type of individual service lets each participant dictate many of the activities and seeks out community activities that are of great interest to them personally. The primary goal of the program goes hand-in-hand with the mission of Quest. Community Access seeks to provide participants with a greater sense of independence, further integration into their community, and developing natural supports. This program strives to enhance social networks, combat feelings of loneliness, and increase opportunities for employment thus improving overall health and happiness. Quest will be able to serve as many individuals as need the service. Participants interested in this program are not required to already be receiving any services from Quest to pursue this opportunity, and our reach is not limited to Scott County. Quest is capable of serving individuals throughout many central Kentucky counties, just as we do through our Community Living Support Services Program. If you would like to be involved through a club or organization or have other opportunities for participants to get involved in the community, please contact Kim True at For more information, we direct you to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Support for Community Living Waiver website page, or the Quest Farm website page; Look for updates and more information to come about this new and exciting program on our Facebook page as well.