Introducing Waiver Navigator

Here at Quest, we are always seeking new ways to provide our services in the best possible ways in order to continue to address the unmet needs of many individuals throughout central Kentucky. On the “quest” of sorts, we have discovered that many individuals, and their families, are not aware of the types of supports that are available to them throughout their life.

In an effort to help make this information more accessible, and hopefully clear the muddy waters of Medicaid, Quest has developed the Waiver Navigator resource. This simple resource provides information to individuals and their families about the Medicaid waiver programs offered in Kentucky, the eligibility requirements, and the services available under these waivers. Quest does not provide services through all of these waivers, but we are dedicated to educating individuals on their options, regardless of whether or not they receive a service from Quest.

One specific demographic in which we see the greatest need is that of students aging out of high school, and losing access to the resources available to them through the school systems. All to often, a family will begin planning for their child’s post-high school life during the later years of school. Unfortunately, due to the long waiting lists for the Medicaid waivers, this can create a service gap for students after they finish high school. This service gap creates not only stress for families of the individual, but also affects their ability to move forward with their lives in the same manner as their peers.

The public school systems are an excellent resource for families with school aged children, and we want to work alongside the schools to provide the information available through the Waiver Navigator to all families of children with a disability. Our hope is that more families with have information presented to them earlier in their child’s education journey so that they can research, and apply, for the appropriate waivers if necessary. By beginning this process early, more children stand a better chance of avoiding the service gap in the future.

We are excited to provide this resource, and will continue to add pertinent information as processes and services through Medicaid change.

We’re Hiring!

Current positions open:

Overnight Residential Program Staff

Quest Farm is now accepting applications from interested candidates to fill the position of Evening Residential Program Staff and Residential Weekend Relief Staff.

The Evening Residential Staff works in a group home for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Job duties for this position include but are not limited to administering medications, preparing meals, transportation of individuals, working on independent living skills with residents, assisting with individuals cleanliness and hygiene and cleaning the home.

This shift is Sunday 6p-12a and Monday through Thursday 3:30p- 12am. The Evenings Residential Staff is a full-time position and qualifies for health insurance, matching ira, and paid days off.

The Residential Weekend Relief Staff is a part-time position of one to two weekends per month. The position includes caring for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a group home. Job duties for this position include but are not limited to cooking, administering medications, transportation to outings within the community, and cleaning. Full and partial weekend positions are available, with partial weekends being Fri evening-Sat evening, and Sat evening-Sun evening.

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age, possess a High School diploma or GED, and be able to pass a drug screen and background check.

Please send resumes to

What is the SCL Waiver?

The Supports for Community Living (SCL) Waiver was established as the result of a 1999 United States Supreme Court decision, Olmstead v. L.C., which held that people with disabilities have a right to received state funded supports and services in the community rather than institution based.

The Olmstead v. L.C. decision determined that state funded community supports and services are appropriate if the following criteria has been met: the person’s treatment professionals determine that community supports are appropriate, the person does not object to living in the community and the provision of services in the community would be a reasonable accommodation when balanced with other similarly situated individuals with disabilities.

The SCL Waiver is a Kentucky Medicaid home and community-based waiver providing an alternative to institutional care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. SCL allows individuals to remain in or return to the community in the least restrictive setting.

The following services are offered through the SCL Waiver:

  • Adult Day Health Care
  • Case Management
  • Community Access Services
  • Community Guide Services
  • Community Transition Services
  • Consultative Clinical and Therapeutic Service
  • Day Training
  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptation Services
  • Goods and Services
  • Natural Supports Training
  • Person-Centered Coaching
  • Personal Assistance Services
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Residential Support Services
  • Respite
  • Shared Living
  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Supported Employment
  • Transportation Services
  • Vehicle Adaptation Services

Eligibility/Application Process

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who meet requirements for residence in an intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities and who meet other Medicaid requirements are eligible for these services. There is currently a waiting list for services and supports. Placement on the waiting list is determined by chronological date of receipt of complete application. Applicants will be served based on category of need and chronological order as funding becomes available.

For placement on the waiting list, individuals are encouraged to Kentucky Benefind website to fill out an application.

What is the Michelle P. Waiver?

Michelle P. Waiver is home and community-based waiver program of the Kentucky Medicaid program. The Michelle P. Waiver program is designed to serve as an alternative to institutional care, where individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities can live at home with supportive services.

In 2002, Michelle Phillips sued the state of Kentucky because there weren’t enough community based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the time of the lawsuit, the Supports for Community Living (SCL) Waiver, a Kentucky Medicaid home and community-based waiver, had 3,000 people on the waiting list. The lawsuit, which made its way to federal court, resulted in an expansion of Kentucky Medicaid services. As a result, in 2008, the state agreed to start a new waiver to serve individuals on SCL waiver waiting list, which would later be called the Michelle P. Waiver.

One of the main differences between the Michelle P. Waiver and the SCL Waiver is that the Michelle P. Waiver limits individual services to 40 hours per week. The SCL Waiver allows for more than 40 hours of services a week and offers the option of residential services. It’s also important to note that individuals cannot be on the Michelle P. Waiver and the SCL Waiver at the same time.

The services available through the Michelle P. Waiver include:

  • Case Management
  • Adult Day Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Community Living Supports
  • Behavior Supports
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respite
  • Homemaker Service
  • Personal Care
  • Attendant Care
  • Environmental/Minor Home Adaptation
  • Adult Day Health Care

Michelle P. Waiver eligibility

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services defines eligibility for the Michelle P. Waiver as “people with a developmental or intellectual disability who require a protected environment while learning living skills, educational experiences, awareness of their environment and meet Medicaid financial eligibility requirements are eligible.”

How to apply for the Michelle P. Waiver

Individuals or families can apply for Medicaid or Medicaid Waivers online through the Benefind Self Service Portal.

For more information about the Michelle P. Waiver and the application process, visit




Service Openings

Quest Farm has various openings at different times, so if you do not see an opening you are searching for, either for services for your loved one or as a potential employee, please check back later or email Spencer Wahl. We do keep a waiting list at all times for anyone interested in a spot for your loved one in the residential program.

Residential Openings:

Currently, we have one opening in the women’s house for a female resident with SCL funding and two openings for male residents with SCL funding.  Your loved one must be at least 18 years of age and have a developmental/intellectual disability to qualify for this position. Please contact Spencer Wahl for more information or to set up a tour. If you are interested in filling out an Quest Farm Application for Admission simply email it back to Spencer Wahl or fax it at 502-535-5295.

ADT , Respite, Supported Employment, Community Living Supports and Community Access Openings:

Currently, we are taking referrals for all of our programs.  Please contact Spencer Wahl for more information and to set up a tour. If you are interested in filling out an application, simply email it to Spencer Wahl or fax it at 502-535-5295.

Sponsor Recognition

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their support of our new facility.

John Shirley Properties, Bronze Sponsor – General Contractor
Cornett Family, Bronze Sponsor – Craft Equipment
Fran Turner, Supporter – Outdoor Pavilion