The following key staff are a part of the leadership team at Quest Farm.  These are the individuals to contact if you have questions about specific areas of Quest Farm.  There are many other dedicated staff who contribute to Quest Farm each day as well.

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Spencer Wahl, Executive Director

Spencer works alongside the Board of Directors and Quest Farm staff to ensure the organization enables children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain a full and meaningful life.



Terrell Wilson, Employment Specialist/Supported Employment Services

Terrell oversees the Supported Employment Services at Quest Farm, which includes a detailed evaluation of an individual’s strengths and work interests, location of employment, and support throughout the employment process.



Kim True, Director of Community Living Services and Community Access

Kim is the Director of Quest’s Community Living Services (CLS) and Community Access (CA) programs  which help individuals on the Michelle P. Waiver and SCL Waiver with intellectual and developmental disabilities. CLS and CA support is individualized to meet the participant’s goals and needs in the home and community setting.  This can include but not limited to: volunteering, budgeting, building natural supports, self advocacy, healthy living and activities of daily living.   If you are seeking CLS or CA services please contact Kim at or 502-535-6064 ext.106.



Gemma Gambrel, Director of Day Training 
Gemma plans and implements our Day Training Program Schedule as well as ensures that the day-to-day activities and outings meet the interests and goals of the individuals we serve.



Michelle Coomes, Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance
Michelle works in partnership with the state to ensure that Quest Farm is in compliance with the latest regulations and that Quest Farm’s services are operating at the highest standard of quality.



Natalie Hall, Director of Residential Programming and Respite Services
Natalie supervises the three on site houses were our residents live, including staff, budgets, and residential programming. She also schedules respite services when available.


Terry Perraut, Farm & Grounds Supervisor

Terry is responsible for maintaining the grounds, all farm-related equipment, activities, and responsible for the grounds and maintenance at The Buddy Williams Center. Terry is the contact person for all volunteer groups and mission trips to Quest Farm.



Fran Turner, Administrative Support

Fran assists with administrative support, payroll, and other important tasks in the office.