Here at Quest, we are always seeking new ways to provide our services in the best possible ways in order to continue to address the unmet needs of many individuals throughout central Kentucky. On the “quest” of sorts, we have discovered that many individuals, and their families, are not aware of the types of supports that are available to them throughout their life.

In an effort to help make this information more accessible, and hopefully clear the muddy waters of Medicaid, Quest has developed the Waiver Navigator resource. This simple resource provides information to individuals and their families about the Medicaid waiver programs offered in Kentucky, the eligibility requirements, and the services available under these waivers. Quest does not provide services through all of these waivers, but we are dedicated to educating individuals on their options, regardless of whether or not they receive a service from Quest.

One specific demographic in which we see the greatest need is that of students aging out of high school, and losing access to the resources available to them through the school systems. All to often, a family will begin planning for their child’s post-high school life during the later years of school. Unfortunately, due to the long waiting lists for the Medicaid waivers, this can create a service gap for students after they finish high school. This service gap creates not only stress for families of the individual, but also affects their ability to move forward with their lives in the same manner as their peers.

The public school systems are an excellent resource for families with school aged children, and we want to work alongside the schools to provide the information available through the Waiver Navigator to all families of children with a disability. Our hope is that more families with have information presented to them earlier in their child’s education journey so that they can research, and apply, for the appropriate waivers if necessary. By beginning this process early, more children stand a better chance of avoiding the service gap in the future.

We are excited to provide this resource, and will continue to add pertinent information as processes and services through Medicaid change.