When the Special Olympics softball season came to an end a few weeks ago, there was a noticeable lull on Wednesday evenings. Attending the Quest Connect softball games was a place to see the most sincere forms of happiness and pure camaraderie. The sportsmanship, friendship, and genuine excitement that exuded from both teams was awe-striking. The happiness of just being able to play a team sport trumps any care about wins or losses, runs or outs, hits or strikes; we have so much to learn from our Quest team. It is amazing that attending a  softball game, on a regular Wednesday night in Georgetown Kentucky could have such an impact on my days in the time since. I have been able to step back when I get down and out about a Kentucky loss or want to throw my chips at the TV when my NFL teams forget to show up on Sunday, I step back a remember our Quest softball team that while they want to win, they ultimately just want to play. Softball is about friendship and having fun. We should all start viewing life through their lens; take everything in stride, smile and laugh because nothing else matters in that moment and any chance you get to have fun: run with it.  * Despite the Special Olympics Softball season being over, Quest Connect has a team in the Miracle League. Before we know it, it will be time for Special Olympics Bowling to begin too!!! Contact Quest Connect for more information!  —- Hillary H McGoodwin